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Life happens and things sometimes don’t go according to plan. Relationship breakdowns,
unemployment as well as social isolation can all impact our mental wellbeing. This can result in despair, shame, guilt and a range of emotions.

This is exactly when you need a support network to lean on to get you through these tough times. Know that these moments won’t last forever and better days are ahead!

We wanted to build a safe and supportive space to discuss mental wellbeing in a small online group setting and speak to people with lived experiences. We share our journey, learn coping skills, and support each other through life’s challenges.

Join us today and let’s begin your healing your healing journey towards your next chapter.


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Divorce & Separation

Separating from someone you’ve loved is never easy and can rattle most of us. This can be a painful part of life but connecting with those that have gone through shared experience can assist with moving on the next chapter.

Anxiety & Depression

Some days can be mentally exhausting and challenging. Speaking up can help shape your journey together. Learn tools to build resilience and look forward to better days ahead.


Grief is a complicated emotion, it’s the body’s natural response to trauma and loss. A support group can help with the overwhelming array of emotions you might be feeling. Please know you’re not alone.

Spirituality & Mindfulness

Turning to spirituality in times of personal crises has helped people ground themselves, reconnect and move forward. Get together with like minded people to discuss and practice mindfulness together.

Don't see a group you like?

We are building new groups at the moment. Let us know exactly what type of support you need and we will include you in the right group.

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